Terms and Conditions


Running Mall Terms and Conditions



Chapter 1. General Rules


1. Purpose


The purpose of these terms and conditions is to stipulate matters related to rights and obligations, other necessary matters, rights, obligations, and responsibilities between the member and the company, and the member's service use procedure. These terms and conditions apply between persons who trade goods or services when using e-commerce related services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by the Running Mall app (hereinafter referred to as "Running Mall") operated by Boomers Mall Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Company").


2. Definitions


The definitions of terms used in these terms and conditions are as follows. The meaning of terms not defined in this clause shall be in accordance with relevant laws and general transaction practices.


2.1 "Running Mall" means a real-time e-commerce system provided by the company for the transaction of free goods or services (hereinafter referred to as "goods") and Internet sites and mobile apps for its operation.

 ⒜ www.running-mall.com(hereinafter referred to as "Internet Site")

 ⒝ Running mall app(hereinafter referred to as "Mobile App")


2.2 "User" means members and non-members who receive services provided by the company under these terms and conditions.


2.3 "Member" means an individual or business entity who has registered as a member by providing personal information according to the registration procedures determined by the company, who continues to receive information from the company and can continue to use the services provided by the company. Members are divided into purchasing members and sales members as follows;


2.3.1 Purchasing members(purchasing customers) : Members who can use services related to the purchase of products at the Running Mall. Anyone aged 14 or older can sign up as Purchasing members.


2.3.2 Sales members : Members who can use services under the Running Mall Sales Terms and Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Sale") and refers to a corporation or individual entrepreneur who carries out sales activities with a business registration certificate. In addition to selling items, Sales members can also purchase products. 


2.4 “Non-member” refers to a person who uses the service provided by the company without registering as a member.


2.5 “ID” means English letters, numbers, or combinations of letters and numbers set by the member and approved by the company and registered in the company for identification of the member and the member's service use.


2.6 “Password” refers to a combination of English letters, numbers, and special characters set up by the member and registered with the company in order to confirm the identity of the member and protect the confidentiality.


2.7  "Operator" means a person selected by the company for overall management and smooth operation of the services provided by the company.


2.8 "Buyer" means a person who purchases products of sales member registered with the company, and all purchasing members, sales members, and non-members are entitled to purchase. 


2.9 "Sales member" means a member who has registered a product in accordance with the product advertisement form provided by the company for the purpose of selling the product, and the sales member is given the authority to sell the product.


2.10 "Membership rating" means a rating that a company grants to its members according to certain criteria based on the results of using the services provided by the company.


2.11 "Product review" means postings such as articles and images that record the comprehensive evaluation of the product after purchasing it.


2.12 "Point" means a prepaid electronic payment method issued and managed by the company for members to purchase goods. However, the use may be restricted under the clause 16.5, and the expiration date is 5 years.


2.13 "Mileage" is a provisional payment method provided free of charge by the company, and the validity period is one year. Mileage can be converted to points, but refunds cannot be processed.


2.14 "Purchase confirmation period" refers to a period during which a buyer must express his/her intention to terminate the purchase (purchase confirmation, return, exchange). If the buyer does not express his/her intention to return, refund, exchange within seven business days from the delivery completion date stored on the tracking system, the purchase can be confirmed automatically.


2.15 "Identity verification" means verifying a individual member’s identity through mobile phone authentication(or i-PIN authentication), or verifying a business member’s identity by matching of the business license number and the business member's name prescribed in clause 8.


2.16 "Business day" means the day the company normally provides services, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.


3. Scope of Coverage and Effectiveness Priorities


3.1 These terms and conditions apply to all services except clause 26(Running Mall Special Agreement).


3.2 When the provisions of Chapter 1 and 3 conflict with the provisions of Chapter 2 of the individual service, the regulations related to the individual service(Chapter 2) have a preferential effect over the regulations related to the entire service(Chapter 1 and 3).


4. Specifying, Effective and Modifying Terms


4.1 The company posts the defined terms and conditions on the first screen of the company's "Internet site (http://www.running-mall.com)" and "Mobile App" where the company's services are provided.


4.2 If reasonable reasons arise, the company may change the terms and conditions to the extent that they do not violate the relevant laws, such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Framework Act on Electronic Transactions, the Electronic Signature Act, Act on the promotion of the use of information and communications networks, information protection, the Act on the Protection of Consumers in Electronic Commerce, etc. When the company changes the terms and conditions, it will reveal the date of application and the reason for the change and notify the website 7 working days before the date of application. However, when changing the terms and conditions unfavorable to the user, the relevant details shall be notified 30 days prior to the date of application, and it shall be deemed to have been notified individually to the user.


4.3 Agreeing to these terms and conditions means that you agree to visit the Internet site operated by the company regularly to check the changes to the terms and conditions. The company is not responsible for damages caused by members or users who do not know the information about the changed terms and conditions.


4.4  A member who disagrees with the changed terms and conditions may request the withdrawal (termination of the contract), and if the user does not explicitly refuse to change the terms and conditions even though the company has notified in accordance with paragraph (2), the company is deemed to have agreed to the changed terms and conditions.


5. Off-Terms and Conditions


5.1 Matters not disclosed in these terms and conditions shall be governed by the provisions and general correlations of relevant statutes, such as the Consumer Protection Act in e-commerce, etc.


5.2 If necessary, the company may determine the matters to be applied to a specific service (hereinafter referred to as "individual terms and conditions") and details related to the use (hereinafter referred to as "use policy") and notify it through the website.


5.3 If individual terms and conditions or policies are changed, the company will notify the change through the website 7 business days before the effective date of the change.


5.4 A member shall always keep an eye on whether there is any change in the contents of the individual terms and conditions or the usage policy, and shall check if there is a notice of change.


6. Establishment of the contract of use


6.1 The contract for use of the service provided by the company (hereinafter referred to as the "use contract") is established when the company approves the application for use of the person who wants to use the service, and those who wish to use the service must express their intention to agree to these terms and conditions after filling out each necessary item according to the membership application form provided by the company online.



6.2 Membership registration is established when the company's intention to accept the use of the service reaches the applicant by posting it on the service screen or by e-mail or other method determined by the company.


6.3 Membership registration is available to individuals over the age of 14, and business operators (including individual and corporate business owners) must be able to perform normal business activities as of the date of application for membership.


6.4 Individual purchasers can create and use multiple IDs, but use of the purchase service is only possible with one ID (ID) that is initially verified. Business sales members can create and use multiple IDs with the approval of the operator.


6.5 Members who re-join after terminating the contract of use must not use the same ID, which was used at the time of termination, and make new ID with new registration.


6.6 When a personal sales member applies for membership, he/she shall verify his/her identity through a mobile phone verification(or i-PIN verification) (personal sales members may request additional certification other than personal identification). The business member checks whether the business license number matches the business name and the business registration number, and checks the entry items prescribed in clause 8 to proceed with the identification process. In addition, the company can request evidence from the applicant if there is an application for use that cannot follow the identification process.


6.7 In order to block members who engage in expedient and illegal activities by doing continous termination and re-registration of the membership for receiving the economic benefits of various discount coupons, event benefits, etc. provided by the company by signing up with multiple IDs, the company may be able to refuse to accept the membership registration within one month after a member withdraws.


7. Change and Protection of Personal Information


7.1 A member shall revise personal information by modifying the member information within a reasonable period of time if anything changed since the time of application. However, name and ID cannot be modified.


7.2 Damages caused by unmodified and not up-to-date personal information are borne by the member, and the company is not responsible for it.


7.3 The company shall not use the member's information or provide to a third party for any purpose other than to provide the service without the user's consent. However, this shall not apply if there are other provisions in the relevant statutes.


7.4 The company strives to protect users' personal information in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations and establishes a policy to protect users' personal information and designate a person in charge of personal information protection and post it.


7.5 The personal information protection of users shall be governed by the relevant statutes and the personal information handling policies prescribed by the company.


7.6 When a transaction is made through a service provided by Running Mall, the company provides the sales members with the buyer's personal information to the extent necessary for the transaction of goods, delivery, etc. between the sales members and the purchaser.


8. Application for Service Use


8.1 A person who intends to sign up for and use the service provided by the company must fill out the necessary in accordance with the application form provided by the company. The membership registration form is divided into mandatory and optional entries, and mandatory entries must be filled. Each requirement in the membership application form applies differently depending on whether the applicant is for an individual or a business operator.


8.2 Mandatory details required for individual buyers: Member ID, password, name, e-mail, address, and mobile phone number must be entered.


8.3 Mandatory details required for business sales members: Enter the business type, member ID, password, trade name, business license number, email address, representative contact number, place of business, and payment account number.


8.4 The company may request additional information(e.g., gender, date of birth, landline phone number, etc.) in addition to the required items indicated in clause 8.2 or 8.3, and the applicant may refuse to provide such additional information. Additional information is used only to provide various and informative information to members and cannot be used for any other purpose.


8.6 The company can check all members whether they receive advertising e-mail, and SMS(Advertising Text Message), and whether they agree to provide and use personal information to affiliates and personal information consignment companies.


9. Approval, Refusal, and Reservation of Application for Use


9.1 In principle, the company shall accurately state the entry items prescribed in clause 8 of the Terms and Conditions and accept the use of the service on the application for membership of those who agree to these Terms and Conditions.


9.2  For individual sales membership applications, the company shall implement the identification process by verifying their identity through the identification institution available under the Act, and conduct the identification process with evidential data provided under clause 8.4 for business sales membership applications. The company may request evidence from the applicant for an application for use that cannot be implemented.


9.3 The company may refuse to accept the application for use if there are any of the following reasons;


9.3.1  Where a person under 14 years of age applies for use


9.3.2 Where it is confirmed that he/she is not the person in the identification procedure under paragraph (2) above


9.3.3 Name and CI(personal identification information granted by the identity agency for connection of the connection information, service), DI(duplicated subscription verification information) or Business Registration Number or Corporate Registration Number are the same as the already registered sales member or business purchaser


9.3.4 Where there is a false application, omission of entry, error, etc. in the details of registration


9.3.5 If you apply for re-use within 1 day from the date of termination of the contract of use


9.3.6 Other cases where it is found to be in violation of these terms and conditions or an application for illegal or unjust use


9.3.7 Where a person subject to the terms and conditions of purchase/sales of Running Mall violates the relevant terms and conditions


9.4 The company may withhold acceptance of the application for use if there are any of the following reasons: At this time, the company notifies the applicant by e-mail or post on the relevant service screen of matters related to the reservation of acceptance, such as the reason for the reservation of acceptance, the timing of acceptance, or additional request information or materials necessary for acceptance.


9.4.1 When there is no room in the equipment


9.4.2 If there is a technical problem


9.4.3 If the identity is not verified in the company's identity verification process


9.4.4 Where the company deems it necessary by reasonable judgment


10. Termination of Use Agreement


10.1 A member may terminate a contract for use as prescribed in the following provisions;


10.1.1 Members may terminate the contract at any time by notifying the company of their intention to terminate it. However, all ongoing transactions of goods shall be completed, withdrawn, or canceled before notifying the intention to terminate, and any disadvantage caused by the withdrawal or cancellation of the transaction shall be borne by the member himself. In addition, if a member fails to fulfill all of the obligations to the company, the company may restrict the termination of the member's contract until the member fulfills all of the obligations. If the member is suspended for violating these terms and regulations, the company may restrict the member's termination.


10.1.2 When the company terminates, the company notifies the member of its intention to terminate by e-mail, telephone, fax, or other means. For the safety of the transaction, the company may notify the membership ID (ID) identified as belonging to the same person of their intention to terminate the transaction altogether. The use contract ends at the time the member is notified of the company's intention to terminate.


10.1.3 To prevent expedient and illegal activities such as earning discount coupons and event benefits provided by the company by repeatedly canceling as a member, the company allows members to re-join only one day after the date of withdrawal from the membership. The member may reuse the service after receiving approval from the company for re-use notified to the company in accordance with the membership registration procedure and related provisions stipulated in these terms and conditions.


10.1.4 To prevent expedient and illegal activities such as earning discount coupons, event benefits, etc. provided by the company by repeatedly re-joining, voluntary termination, etc., personal information such as ID, name, CI, DI, withdrawal date, reason for withdrawal, etc. shall be kept for one day.


10.2 The company may terminate the use contract as prescribed in the following provisions;


10.2.1 The company may terminate the service contract if the following reasons occur or are confirmed to the member;

 ⑴ In the case of violating the rights, honor, credit, or other legitimate interests of other members or companies (including employees and counselors) or violating the laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea

 ⑵ In the case of any of the following acts, etc. or attempts that may interfere with the smooth progress of the service;

 ⒜ habitually or maliciously raising objections without reasonable grounds

 ⒝ The act of habitually canceling, returning, etc. after use, even though there are no special defects in the goods or services purchased

 ⒞ In the case of violating other rules on the use of safety transactions prescribed by the company

 ⑶ If the accumulated creditworthiness of a member reaches a certain score or less

 ⑷ In the case of deliberately obstructing the operation of the company or registering non-conforming products

 ⑸ Where a member commits an act that violates these terms and conditions or causes for termination prescribed by these terms and conditions (including cases where a person subject to the terms and conditions of sales of the Running Mall violates the relevant terms and conditions)

 ⑹ Where it is confirmed that a member has grounds for refusal to accept a contract for use prescribed in clause 9

 ⑺ Where the other company deems it necessary to refuse to provide services on a reasonable basis


10.2.2 When the company terminates, the company notifies the member of its intention to terminate by e-mail, telephone, fax, or other means. The use contract ends at the time the member is notified of the company's intention to terminate.


10.2.3 Even if the Company terminates the use contract pursuant to this section, this Agreement shall continue to apply to the completion of the sales contract already entered into prior to termination.


10.2.4 When the contract is terminated, the company may cancel advertisements and transactions related to the member without notice, cancel the sale of the credit card when the buyer pays for the purchase with a credit card, and withdraw the additional benefits provided to the member.


10.2.5  If the contract for use is terminated as prescribed in this paragraph, the company may not accept the member's application for reuse.


10.3 The relevant member who has terminated the use contract shall be responsible for any damages incurred in connection with the termination of the use contract, and the company shall not be held responsible at all.


11. Membership Rating and Evaluation System


11.1 The company may grant certain benefits based on the membership rating and grade based on the score imposed when trading products using the service. Membership ratings and benefits are granted according to the service performance and other criteria set by the company's policies. Details are posted on the service screen or notified on the initialization screen of the company's Internet site. (If there is any change for membership rating policies and their benefits, the company will notify members of the change in accordance with clause 5.4 of this Agreement).


11.2 If the member raises an objection to the rating component assigned to him/her, the company may adjust all or part of the rating component in consideration of the details of the explanation and the credit worthiness of the member concerned.


11.3 The rating of a member is only used as a reference when selling goods, and does not guarantee the credit of the member or mean the financial credit status.


11.4 At the time of purchase confirmation, the buyer of the product may indicate the satisfaction level of the transaction by the stage determined by the company, and the satisfaction level displayed is reflected in the evaluation of the sales members of the product. Transaction satisfaction items and steps are displayed on the appropriate service screen.


11.5 Product reviews can be prepared by the purchaser who purchased the product and shall be disclosed in principle. The author of the product evaluation can delete the product evaluation he or she created. However, the deletion of product reviews disclosed for the convenience of many buyers may be restricted. If it is deemed inappropriate to disclose the product because the contents of the product review and the attached opinion are abusive, slanderous, defamation, etc. or unrelated to the product evaluation, the company may delete the product review and the attached opinion. However, the company does not delete it just because it is a complaint about the product and the contents that are unfavorable to the sales members. When deleting a product review, the comments attached to the product review will be deleted as well. Details of this will be posted on these Terms and Conditions and on the appropriate Service Screen.


11.6 The evaluation of transaction satisfaction and product evaluation of the counterparty shall be conducted entirely under the responsibility of the evaluation party, and the company shall not intervene in whether the contents are true or not.


11.7 If a member violates the purpose and purpose of the membership rating and membership evaluation system, the company can delete the evaluation results and suspend the service status of the relevant members.


11.8 The following contents may result in the deletion of the product evaluation or the suspension of the membership;


11.8.1 Evaluating satisfaction with the purpose of increasing membership rating or transaction satisfaction


11.8.2 The evaluation results and the evaluation activities of an agreement to receive or receive monetary or other compensation in exchange for high satisfaction and writing product reviews


11.8.3 Actions such as insulting others or damaging others' reputation and credibility through product reviews and evaluation results


11.8.4 Other activities of using the evaluation system contrary to the purpose of the membership evaluation system


12. Member Management


12.1 The company may take the following actions to members who violate these terms and conditions, related statutes, and general principles of commerce;


12.1.1 Withdraw of any or all of the additional benefits provided by the Company


12.1.2 Restrict the use of specific services


12.1.3 Termination of use contract


12.1.4 Claim for damages


12.2 When the company takes actions prescribed in each subparagraph of clause 12.1, it shall notify the member by phone or e-mail in advance, and if it is unavoidable, such as contact with the member or emergency request, the relevant matters may be taken first and notified later. However, credit points can be deducted without notice.


12.3 A member may protest against the company's actions under this section if there is a reason to protest.


12.4 If a member does not log in for more than a year, the company may consider it a dormant account and restrict the use of the service provided by the company.


13. Terms and Discontinuations of Service


13.1 The service period of a member is from the date he/she applies for the service at the Running Mall and receives approval for the service until the service contract is terminated.


13.2 The company may temporarily suspend the service if the information and communication facilities such as computers are repaired, inspected, replaced, broken, or lost communication. In such cases, the company will notify the website of the suspension of the service.


13.3 If the company is unable to provide services due to a natural disaster or force majeure like this, it may restrict or suspend the provision of services.


14. Service Fee


The company may provide various services necessary for free e-commerce between members and charge a service fee (service fee) according to the company's internal policies.


15. Use of Discount Coupons


15.1 Sales company or individual member may issue a discount coupon to a member who uses the purchase service to receive a certain amount or a certain percentage of discount when purchasing a product.


15.2 Discount coupons can only be used for purchases made by the member himself/herself. The company may allow the transfer of the discount coupon by setting the method and conditions of the transfer, and in this case, the member may transfer the discount coupon only according to the method and conditions.


15.3 Discount coupons may be restricted depending on some items or amounts, and cannot be used after the expiration date. In principle, if a refund is made due to cancellation or return after purchasing a product using a discount coupon, the discount coupon can be reused, but in certain cases prescribed by the company's bylaws, such as cancellation of purchase due to a simple change of mind, it may not be possible.


15.4 Discount coupons provided to buyers cannot be used in duplicate when purchasing one product.


16. Points and Mileages


16.1 The point is the payment method used in the Running Mall, and purchasers can pay for the order or payment using it. Point 1P means KRW 1 when purchasers pay. Mileage is a provisional payment method used in the Running Mall, and can be converted into available points if the mileage is over 5000.


16.2 After conversion, 100 mileage is worth 100 points.


16.3 Points and mileage are not accumulated in excess of 2 million KRW under the Electronic Financial Transactions Act.


16.4 The expiration date of the point is 5 years, and the mileage expiration notice shall be delivered to the member 30 days before the expiration date.


16.5 Points and mileage that members receive free of charge from the company through product purchases or events can only be used for the period and method determined by the company.


16.6 Mileages accumulated through purchase may be recovered by the company if the purchase is canceled.


16.7 If a member's purchase cancellation occurs and the company wants to recover the mileage that is already granted to the member, the company can deduct the mileage in advance and it can be accumulated in the future even if the member’s mileage is exhausted.


16.8 If a member cancels the purchase of a product, it is difficult to refund the product through the same process(e.g., if the refund account is not filled out despite the company's request), the company can refund the product to the member using points or mileage.


16.9 Points or mileage already paid when leaving the Running Mall are non-refundable and will not be restored upon re-registration.


17. Copyright Policy


17.1 The company establishes and operates policies for copyright protection of copyright holders in connection with the services provided, and members must abide by the copyright policy of the company.


17.2 The members themselves have the copyright of various posts prepared while using the services provided by the company, and the members themselves shall be responsible for all civil and criminal violations of the relevant posts.


17.3 The company may expose postings registered by members to search sites or other sites, and may use them for free of charge as promotion, public relations, and other materials. In addition, member’s posts can be reproduced, displayed, transmitted, and distributed within the company's services, and secondary works and editorial works can be created. However, if a member who registered the relevant post requests the deletion or suspension of the post, the company shall immediately delete or suspend the post except for matters to be preserved in accordance with the relevant law.


17.4 The company's license referred to in clause 17.3 of this Article shall be deemed to have agreed to use the Running Mall service when a member subscribes to an Internet site or mobile app.


17.5 Copyright and intellectual property rights of works written by the company belong to the company.


17.6 When a user copies, transmits, publishes, distributes, broadcasts, or other methods or makes a third party use the information obtained through the Running Mall without the company's consent, the user is responsible for it.


17.7 A member can request protection from the company if his copyright is violated in the Running Mall.


17.8 When the contents of the post contain the following contents, the company may delete the post or take measures such as restricting or suspending the use of certain services, terminating the contract, etc. to the publisher. If a post is deleted, all posts related to the post(answer, comments, etc.) will be deleted.


17.8.1 In the case of including any violation of the laws of the Republic of Korea


17.8.2 In the case of infringing on the rights, honor, credit, or other legitimate interests of others


17.8.3 In the case of containing malicious code or data that may cause malfunction of information and communication devices


17.8.4 In case of violation of public order or customs


17.8.5 Where it is deemed to interfere with the smooth progress of Running Mall services provided by the company due to serious reasons falling under clause 17.8.1 through 17.8.4


Chapter 2. Running Mall Services


18. Type of Service


The types of services provided by the company to members are as follows.


18.1 Telecommunications and sales intermediary services: services that provide online trading sites and related additional services so that companies can trade goods between members through Internet sites and mobile apps.


18.1.1 Sales-related business support services


18.1.2 Purchase-related support services


18.1.3 Contract signing, payment support, and payment protection services


18.1.4 Product Search Information Service


18.1.5 Other e-commerce services


18.1.6 Running Mall Advertising and Promotional Services


18.2 Other services : Product inquiry bulletin board services, other information services such as product ratings, and event services provided directly or jointly by the company.


19. Denial of Agent and Guarantor


19.1 The company only operates, manages, and provides a system for free trade between buyers and sales members, so it does not act on behalf of buyers or sales members, and the responsibility for the transaction and information provided by the members shall be borne directly.


19.2 The company does not guarantee the existence and authenticity of the willingness to sell or purchase, Non-infringement of the rights of others and the quality, completeness, stability, legality of the registered product. The company does not guarantee the authenticity or legality of the information entered by the purchaser or sales member and the data posted in the URL linked through such information, and all risks and responsibilities related thereto shall be borne by the relevant user.


19.3 The company develops and provides tools only to enhance the safety and reliability of transactions between buyers and sales members. However, in the case of direct purchase products sold by the company, the company has the status of a sales member for the buyer.


20. Buyer's Use of Services


20.1 A buyer shall not bid or mark a sales member's product without intention to purchase it. If he/she is found to have interfered with a sales member's opportunity to sell the product through bidding without intention to purchase, the company may suspend his/her membership.


20.2 Before purchasing a product, the buyer must accurately check the details and terms of the product written on the sales member's website. All losses and damages incurred by purchasing without checking the contents of the product and the terms of the transaction are to the buyer himself.


20.3 The buyer shall comply with these terms and conditions and the company's instructions on the website, and shall be responsible for all losses and damages caused by the violation or failure to comply.


20.4 The company does not provide any guarantee or proxy for the details and terms of transaction of the products registered by the sales member. Therefore, the buyer has to take responsibility for the purchase of the product.


20.5 The buyer shall not arbitrarily use the received product or leave it to be damaged if the cause of withdrawal of subscription occurs for the purchased product. If the product is damaged due to the voluntary use of the subscription withdrawal product or insufficient storage of the product, a reasonable cost shall be paid.


20.6 In the case of a dispute with a sales member in the process of selling goods, the buyer shall faithfully take full responsibility for any loss or damage to the sales member or company due to the insincere resolution of the dispute.


20.7 When a buyer purchases a product, he or she must use the payment method in his or her name, and must not use another person's payment method arbitrarily. The buyer is responsible for all losses and damages to the company, the owner of the payment method, and the sales member caused by arbitrarily using another person's payment method.


20.8 The information entered by the buyer in connection with the payment of the purchase price and the responsibilities and disadvantages incurred in relation to the information shall be entirely borne by the buyer.


20.9 The company can check if the buyer has a legitimate right to use the payment method used to pay the transaction price, and may suspend the transaction or cancel the transaction until the confirmation is completed.


20.10 The company must manage various facilities and materials so that the service can be safely provided to the buyer. The company checks whether the service is being used for the purpose of providing it, and if it is found that there is a part that violates the purpose of use, the company may request an explanation of the reason.


20.11 Even if the company receives and publishes information from affiliates to enhance the convenience of the buyer's service use, or provides information or contents for reference in the running mall or in a link method provided by a third party, the buyer must make a decision for the purchase, and the company is not responsible for the purchase decision of the member under any circumstances.


20.12 If the legal representative does not agree with the contract when made by minor, the minor or the legal representative is able to cancel the contract. The details of transactions by minors shall be governed by the relevant laws and regulations.


21. Use of Payment Protection Services


21.1 The company provides payment protection services to enhance the reliability of e-commerce services and ensure safe transactions between members. Payment protection service means that when a sales contract is concluded and the buyer pays the price, when the buyer receives the product from the seller, the company pays the seller after deducting the service fee set in advance. The company refunds the amount paid by the buyer when requested a refund after returning it to the seller.


21.2 Payment protection service is applied to all products purchased at the Running Mall.


21.3 Payment protection service is provided to enhance the safety and reliability of the sale of goods between members and to protect buyers who have to pay before taking over the product.


21.4 The payment protection service provided by the company does not represent sales members or buyers, nor does it act on behalf of sales members or buyers in connection with the sale of goods.


21.5 In the process of providing payment protection services, the buyer cannot request the company to return the payment when interest occurs due to the company's keeping of the payment.


21.6 A buyer who uses the payment protection service must confirm, exchange, or return the purchased products to the company when the product is delivered.


21.7 The payment protection service will be terminated when a situation occurs where the buyer intends to confirm the purchase or is deemed to have the intention to confirm the purchase.


21.8 If there is no intention of exchange or return from the buyer within the purchase confirmation period after the delivery has been completed, the company is deemed to have the intention to confirm the purchase.


21.9 When the company deems that the buyer intends to confirm the purchase or has an intention to confirm the purchase, the company may remit the relevant payment to the sales member of the product in accordance with the relevant regulations of the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc.


21.10 If there are any reasons such as withdrawal, cancellation, or invalidation of subscription after the payment protection service is terminated, the buyer must directly proceed with the process of withdrawing subscription, cancellation, refund of payment, etc. with the sales member.


22. Delivery and transaction completed


22.1 The delivery period refers to the period during which the delivery is completed on the day after which the deposit or payment is confirmed. In the event of force majeure, such as weekends, holidays, other holidays, or natural disasters, the period is excluded from the delivery period.


22.2 If a dispute occurs between a sales member, a buyer, a delivery company, a financial institution, etc. regarding the delivery, the relevant party must resolve the dispute.


22.3 The company will not intervene if there is a reason for refund of the payment such as a defect in the product after the purchase confirmation is made. All disputes between the sales member and the buyer after confirmation of purchase must be resolved by the sales member and the buyer.


22.4 If the buyer does not express his/her intention to confirm, exchange, or return the purchase within the purchase confirmation period, the company may treat the transaction as automatic purchase confirmation on the next business day. However, if the buyer has not received the actual product within the purchase confirmation period, the buyer can report that the product has not arrived.


22.5 When the automatic purchase confirmation process is completed, the company may pay the amount to the sales member through the payment methods designated by the sales member.


22.6 If the automatic purchase confirmation has been made, the buyer cannot raise an objection to the company for reasons such as non-receipt of the product or return, etc., and all problems such as refund of purchase price and exchange of product must be resolved directly with the sales member.


22.7 The delivery service provided by the company is provided in accordance with Shopee Logistics and Korea Express Shipping Terms and Conditions. If the delivery is made using a shipping company designated by the sales member, the responsibility for the delivery lies with the sales member.


23. Return/Exchange/Refund/Cancel


23.1 Pursuant to Article 17 of the Consumer Protection Act on Electronic Commerce, etc., a buyer may request a return or exchange within seven business days of the delivery of a product. Regarding general matters concerning return, the relevant laws take precedence over the conditions suggested by the sales members. However, in the following cases, the buyer cannot request a return or exchange.


23.1.1 If the product is lost or damaged because of a cause attributable to the buyer.


23.1.2 If the value of the product is significantly reduced due to the buyer's use or partial consumption.


23.1.3 If the value of the product has decreased significantly to the point that it is difficult to resell it over time


23.1.4 If a package of products that can be replicated is damaged


23.1.5 In the case where serious irreparable damage to the sales member is expected, such as items produced individually according to the order, and the fact is separately notified to the buyer in advance and the buyer's written (including electronic document) consent is obtained. 


23.1.6 If there are reasonable reasons why a buyer cannot request a refund or exchange


23.2 When the company receives an expression of intention to exchange or return from the buyer, it shall immediately notify the sales member of such fact.


23.3 The round trip shipping fee and other necessary expenses for return or exchange shall be borne by the person who has an attributable reason. However, if the buyer changes his mind or causes attributable reasons, the buyer must pay for the round trip shipping fee.


23.4 If there is a defect in the product or the wrong product is delivered, return/exchange must be submitted through the customer service center after confirming receipt. Also, if buyer doesn’t write the return invoice number when apply for a return, the return processing and refund may be delayed. When buyer sends the product after receiving the return/exchange request, buyer must inform the information of the delivery company (domestic/overseas shipping company, waybill number, etc.) through the customer service center.


23.5 Even if buyer applies for an exchange, buyer cannot exchange items if there is no stock to be exchanged to the sales members, and it will be processed as a return.


23.6 The seller member is responsible for any problems in delivery when it is delivered using the delivery company designated by the seller member.


23.7 If the buyer requests the cancellation of the transaction because the sales member has not checked the buyer's order information for a considerable period of time, the company can cancel the transaction. If the transaction is canceled, the stored product will be refunded to the buyer. In addition, as an individual policy, the company may take measures such as automatic refund processing without the buyer's request, and in that case, the relevant information will be notified to the buyer in advance.


23.8 If a sales member does not actively participate in or delays the fact check process for exchange or return of a buyer, the company may determine the cause of the exchange or return from the buyer, cancel the transaction, and refund the payment in storage to the buyer


23.9 If the company deems that the buyer's request for exchange or return is unjustified, the company may cancel the buyer's expression of intention and pay the stored payment to the sales member. In addition, if the buyer does not return the already received product to the seller or contact by phone or e-mail, etc., until 14 business days from the date the buyer's exchange or return is received, the intention to exchange or return is withdrawn. The company can pay the stored payment to the selling member.


23.10 If the confirmed transaction is canceled and the payment is refunded, the company will take necessary measures to refund the buyer. If buyer paid by credit card, buyer will receive a refund within 7 business days of requesting a refund.


23.11 Refunds for purchases made by credit card payment can only be made through cancellation of credit card payment, and in any case, cash balance cannot be refunded.


23.12 Buyer may cancel the purchase(simple payment cancellation) until the product is shipped. However, if the product is already shipped (sent), it will be processed by a return procedure, not a simple cancellation of payment, and the buyer must bear the return shipping fee for this time.


24. Prohibition


24.1 Direct transactions between sales members and buyers without using the payment protection service provided by the company are prohibited for the safety of transactions, and the parties are responsible for all problems caused by direct transactions.


24.2 A sales member who is confirmed to have engaged in a direct transaction or induced it may be suspended from using the service or the contract of use may be terminated, and members can report direct sales or induced sales members to the company representative email.


24.3 In order to proceed with a fair auction, the company prohibits any unfair auction fraud, such as false bidding, habitual cancellation of the auction, or return after purchasing auction items, obstruction of bidding, or manipulation of the winning price.


24.4 If an auction cheating is confirmed, the company can cancel the bidding and take measures such as restricting the bidding and terminating the contract.


24.5 It is prohibited to use the service or access the system in an abnormal way without following the service method provided by the company.


24.6 If the system cheating is confirmed, the company may collect some or all of the benefits provided to the relevant members, restrict the use of certain services, terminate the service contract, etc.


24.7 Using the purchase service provided by the company by using other people's name, card information, and account information without permission is prohibited.


24.8 Unusual payments are prohibited by law, such as the Loan Specialized Financial Services Act, such as financing under the guise of goods sales or services, and when confirmed, the company may terminate the contract, cancel or suspend the member's transaction, and notify the relevant agency.


24.9 It is prohibited to make abnormal transactions using purchase activities that do not intend to purchase goods, such as no actual delivery of goods, and discount rates provided by the company. If confirmed, the company may cancel the transaction and restrict the use of the service or cancel the contract.


24.10 Unfair use of the benefits provided by the company for resale is prohibited, and if the transaction is confirmed, the company may take measures such as restricting the use of the service and terminating the contract.


24.11 Purchasing using a third party ID to enhance sales scores and advertisement effects without purchasing products or moving actual products is prohibited. If the details are confirmed, the transaction may be canceled or restricted from using the service.


25. Indemnification


25.1 Transactions such as delivery of goods, withdrawal of subscription, and returns that occur in connection with the sale of goods must be carried out between the seller and the buyer, who are the parties to the transaction, and the company does not participate in the transaction and bears no responsibility.


25.2 The company shall not be held responsible for any damage to the user or a third party due to the temporary suspension of the service due to the reasons specified in Article 13, Paragraph 2. However, this is not the case in the case of intentional or gross negligence of the company.


25.3 If the service is restricted or discontinued due to the reasons referred to in clause 13.3, the company shall not be held responsible due to force majeure.


25.4 The company is not responsible for any obstacles to the use of the service due to reasons attributable to the user.


25.5 The company is not responsible for any damage caused by users leaking or providing their personal information to others.


25.6 The company does not intervene in transactions made between the linked company (hereinafter the linked company) and users through links and banners on the company's service screen, and is not responsible for the transaction.


25.7 The company does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, validity, etc. of the products or information provided by the seller or a third party displayed on the service screen, and does not take any responsibility in relation to it.


25.8 The Company shall not be responsible for modifying or discontinuing all or part of the services or functions under clause 28.1.


25.9 The transaction at the mobile mall may not be carried out in real time. Transactions in the mobile mall may be limited or delayed due to the member's current location and the wireless data service provider's network used by the member.


26. Special Agreement of Running Mall


26.1 Running Mall provides a service in which the products purchased by the buyer are delivered to the recipient through the company's designated distribution center (including a third party's distribution center affiliated with the company).


26.2 Orders purchased at the Running Mall can only be placed up to 30 kg(per box of order units).


26.3 If you return a domestic product after purchasing at the Running Mall, the purchase amount will be refunded only when you pay the cost of the domestic return.


26.4 If the export customs clearance is rejected due to a sales member's fault, the overseas shipping cost of the product cannot be shipped overseas, the company will refund the buyer in advance and the sales member will bear all the costs incurred in collecting or refunding the product. Normal customs clearance products included in the same order may be shipped or canceled overseas upon the buyer's request.


26.5 Delivery due to refusal to pay customs duties and other taxes, unknown address, or refusal to receive goods in the overseas delivery country is considered the buyer's responsibility, and domestic/overseas delivery costs incurred due to this are borne by the buyer. In addition, returned products are stored at the company's distribution center for up to 60 days, and if there is no contact with the buyer for 60 days, the product can be arbitrarily disposed of to cover the storage fee.


26.6 When using the Running Mall service, the recipient must bear the customs duties, various taxes, and other expenses that may occur depending on the country of delivery.


Chapter 3. Other Matters


27. Compliance Act and Jurisdiction Court


27.1  The laws of the Republic of Korea apply to these terms and conditions, the service use contract between the company and the members, and the trade of goods between the members.


27.2 When a lawsuit is filed due to a dispute between the company and the user regarding this service, the competent court shall be determined according to the Civil Procedure Act.


28. Other Clauses


28.1 If necessary, the company may temporarily or permanently modify or discontinue certain services or functions after notifying them in advance through the Running Mall.


28.2 Each party shall not transfer or dispose of its rights and obligations under these terms and conditions to a third party without the written consent of the other party.


28.3 In relation to these terms and conditions, additionally written contracts, agreements, notices, etc., changes in the company's policies, enactment or revision of laws and regulations, or public notices or guidelines of public institutions, the contents announced by the company through the Running Mall are also used and part of the contract.


28.4 The company establishes and operates a customer center to actively collect and deal with legitimate opinions or complaints that may arise when purchaser members use the service. The company actively reviews various complaints and opinions raised by the members and processes them quickly when it is deemed legitimate, and notifies the members separately if it is difficult to handle them immediately.


(Enforcement Date) These Terms and Conditions shall enter into force on 1 September 2021 (Wednesday).